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Delivering the cost effective and easy to maintain Filtration Equipment & Systems such as Water Filter Cartridge, Industrial Filters, Filter Bag, Filter Cartridge, Filter Housing, Fiber Glass Filter Fabric and Cleanable Reusable Filter Elements.

About Us

"Devi Manufacturing Company ", established in 2005, have shown rapid strides in the industry and are engaged as HOUSE FOR ALL KIND OF INDUSTRIAL FILTERS, WTP EQUIPMENT AND QUALITY SPARES.

Behind the stereotype of performing company, there is a passion for the engineering profession, there is a satisfaction in creating a high technology, a culture of diversity combined with shared concept and values where talent become solutions.
Our company is therefore not <<limited>>; it represents the sum of our cultures and behaviors.
The successes of our customers are also attributing to our performance.


  • Research is process leading to discovery.
  • Research is above all, the will to change in order to achieve progress.
  • Progress is a process leading to new knowledge.
  • Acquisition of new knowledge requires anticipation.
  • Progress is consists of addressing new problems.
  • Progress is therefore implies a modification of acquired knowledge & know how.
  • Our objective is to achieve a technological difference.


Production is not an end itself but a necessary process.
Productivity is commonly conceived as increasing number of products produced in a given time unit.
But the productivity is also the art of optimizing these values without prejudice to human dignity.
Given that work is social and economic necessity; as long as the common conception for productivity prevails it will constitute a threat to human nature. Wealth is not generated by more production of goods but rather by the satisfaction derived from implementing projects.
Production is art of know how.  


Enterprises like human beings are vulnerable. Quality guarantees their survival.
An intimate knowledge of the standards of our most reminding customers.
A regular updating of our technological know- how and state of the art management practices.
An updating is our ongoing industrial processes.
Quality is mindset, a concept, and a method of evaluation.
It also means achieving satisfaction from interaction.
Quality is knowhow to satisfy our clients and how to measure the outcome.